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       I will propose legislation to make Nevada a Constitutional state. That means that any federal law or mandate must pass Constitutional muster to have any effect in Nevada. This covers, free speech, firearms, unconstitutional mask mandates, illegal aliens, and forced vaccinations. It brings Nevada back to what our founding fathers intended.

       We need to help protect our locally owned businesses from multi-national monopolies. By leveling the playing field regarding taxation, we can give everyone a fair chance to succeed. No small business should pay a higher percentage of taxes than a big corporation that pays the least. We will look at corporate giants like AMZN, GOOG, AAPL, KO, CSCO, PFE, FB, GE, and MRK, and how much they pay in total taxes on profits made in Nevada.

       Finally, Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools must go. Oklahoma recently passed a law that Nevada could use as a model. It holds schools and teachers accountable for what they teach our children.


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Anti-lockdown, pro-freedom, and pro-America. Replacing the globalists with localists.