My name is Bret Edward Delaire. I am running for Washoe County Commissioner in District 2.

          One job of the county commissioner is to approve or deny development projects. I would only approve those development projects that employ a legal workforce. We want to make sure our residents are filling these jobs.

          Second, I want to put a moratorium on any new marijuana dispensaries. So far, Washoe County has about 15 dispensaries. The 2016 state ballot question allowed for 20 in a county our size. So, we’re just about there. We don’t want this getting out of control.

          I have a finance degree from Georgetown University and I’ve worked in finance my entire 20-year career. Do you know what makes up 60% of Washoe County’s liabilities? It’s our Net Pension Liability. That’s the retirement package given to public employees. It’s $404 million and growing at 15% per year, far outpacing growth. This is unsustainable.

          I suggest that for anyone currently in a pension agreement, nothing changes. But for new employees, they should receive a defined contribution plan, such as a 401(k). This means that they get back what they put into it and the county is not on the hook for cost overruns.

          Next, we have to pay down this enormous liability by being smarter on the spending side. We need more accountability from grant recipients. We need to see a benefit to the county equal or greater to the amount granted. It’s called a cost/benefit analysis.

          We also shouldn’t be raising the budgets of departments just because their spending increased. We need to learn how to do more with the same amount.

          These are my core issues, but if there is a particular issue that concerns you, feel free to reach out to my campaign, and I’ll try to give my stance on your issue.


What are your most important issues? Please let us know.

Bret Edward Delaire

The Republican Women of Northern Nevada PAC Candidate Forum April 12, 2018

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