Conservative Nevadan

                I believe that there is an answer to every problem that we face. Washoe County is rich in intellectual capital and Nevadans have an unbeatable spirit. When government works for the people we can make a good county even better. I want to have a seat at the table to make that happen. My expertise in the financial arena can provide a measured benefit to get our county’s finances in order.

                I am a conservative Nevadan that believes in a common-sense approach to government spending, unlike many of our current career politicians. My expertise in the financial arena can provide a measured benefit to get our county’s finances in order. When we spend more in troubled years to hold things together, we need to pay that back in good times. This is not being done as career politicians are just using good years to ramp up spending even further.

                 It is important to set a lasting example of our ability to be fiscally responsible. We all know that when we spend too much now, our children will be paying for our extravagance in their future. My financial background has provided me the tools to find ways to do more with current resources. When government is run like an efficient business, we can then pay dividends back to the people in the form of tax cuts. This is one way that I plan to help make Washoe County stronger and wealthier.

                Our county workers pension liability is rising at a steady 15% year-over-year clip. This pace is unsustainable. It far outpaces the rate of growth, with no plans in place to reign in these increasing costs. I would propose a two-step process to improve this balance sheet item:

                1. For all future employees, switch to a defined contribution retirement plan, such as a 401(k). This change will not affect any current pensioners, only those hired in the future. The county should no longer be responsible for benefit costs that exceed what the employee has already contributed.

                2. The current $404 million pension liability must be paid off. This can be done by requiring all established funds to have expenses that do not exceed their revenues. Grant recipients would also need to provide proof of a measured benefit to the county or face cuts in funding.

                We also must address the number of projects that are approved for development as well as the process. I have seen where project development moves too quickly. It quickly leads to traffic jams on our roads, and water shortages during the dry years. We need to find the correct balance between growth and our ability to grow. I believe in a sustainable rate of growth that does not overburden our natural resources and infrastructure.

                We all want to live in peaceful communities, free of crime and drugs., We want our children to feel safe to play outside.outside,  We want jobs to be available for everyone. When we have a stable workforce, we will have a stable economy, and families will feel more secure.

                I am running for county commissioner to represent the people who feel like their current elected officials are representing big government, developers, and special interest groups. It’s time to put a stop to the overspending and put Washoe County on a sustainable economic path.